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MidMarket Alliance
2 min readAug 26, 2021

To unleash the potential of humans and enterprise to make the world more prosperous for all. We believe a distinctly new creativity/technology mix is the primary driver of future value creation and our last remaining competitive advantage.

America’s economic model, which is based on freedom, liberty, and other enduring principles of our democracy, has raised standards of living for generations, while promoting competition, consumer choice and innovation. Specifically, America’s hundreds of thousands of small to mid-sized, privately-held businesses have proven to be a critical engine of job growth and economic prosperity.

We are building a new partner ecosystem empowering supporting organizations to “co-create” more business value. Connecting some of the most incredible executives, founders, and amazing people in the world, we are writing a new book and seeking like-minded professionals to join our ranks. Think of this as Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” of support for private companies in the 21st century!

Moreover, we value being a genuinely good, decent person above all! Regardless of how prominent a prospective affiliate may be, if they are not a genuinely good, decent person who can be trusted, we would not want them as a part of this collaborative effort.

Successful companies are increasingly demanding complex, integrated solutions rather than standardized products and services. No longer can these demands be satisfied by drawing on the limited knowledge and capabilities of just a few specialists.

Furthermore, we clearly value the power of technology to magnify all the human elements significantly enhancing and accelerating the entire business value growth process. Data can illuminate which variables are most closely related to operational success, enabling more accurate investment decisions with fewer mistakes.

We believe AI should be used to enhance, not replace, human capabilities. The right AI tools will help everybody better apply their expertise and complement it with AI-powered insights, making them more innovative and effective.

The technology for our new ecosystem platform features a collaborative, open-source knowledge repository. Natural language artificial Intelligence search algorithms identify, organize, and feature highly relevant content while also and rating and ranking the participating experts. Enterprise search tools powered by machine learning and conversational intelligence, gather unstructured data from across the web pulling out the relevant facts for the best business decisions. Meanwhile, consensus mechanisms rate and reward the best contributing experts

MidMarket Place is being formed by accomplished executives with proven experience as founders, CEOs, investors, advisors, and owner/operators of small to medium sized U.S. business enterprises.

Our mission is simple: We are creating a new business ecosystem opening the door to greater access and value. Our vision is clear: we are trusted partners that businesses, investors, and advisors connect with for meaningful relationships, private capital, essential advice, and new opportunity.

We are now identifying a ‘brain trust” of like- minded individuals to hone the strategic vision and better outline the initial flow of this new platform. If you may be qualified and this growth opportunity could be of interest, learn more at: http://midmarketplace.com

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